Qcardme 21 Dec 21
The Social Business Network
Why Qcardme?22 Dec 21
Qcardme is a social business network designed for small businesses to get online very quickly. • It allows you to rapidly create an online present/profile for your business: similar to your Facebook profile. • List all of your products and...
The fastest way to get your business online21 Dec 21
A lot of small businesses do not have a functional website even today in 2022. The reason for this is quite simple: it is still costly and time consuming to create one. You can try to build one yourself using a service like Wix or Square but you will...
Qcodes the QR code better alternative17 Jan 21
QR codes are great for some thing but terrible for advertising. Why? 1. You can't share them easily or tell someone about them. The information in them can only be transmitted by scanning them. 2. You can't use them in TV, radio, YouTube, or Billboard...
The private social network02 Dec 20
Are you tired of feeling that tech companies are invading your privacy? That they are continuously tracking everything you do? Well, as long as you keep using social networks that make money from advertising it will continue to happen. Qcardme offers an...
The easiest way to store all of your information02 Dec 20
Qcardme may just be the easiet database you have ever used. You can store all of your customer related information in it if you have a business and all of your business information too. Storing information in Qcardme is as easy as using index cards and...
The easiest way to market your business02 Dec 20
Most businesses fail because of the lack of effective marketing. While the business may be good at providing the service or product they are usually weak at marketing their business. While it is possible for your business to survive by word-of-mouth or...